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our mission is to leverage data, technology & design to create an audience for your ideas

our vision is a world where no great idea goes unheard

our story

Serena and I first met when working as Web Officers at the University of Western Australia on a project aimed at empowering children to overcome movement disabilities through group circuit-based training programs.

The seed of PixelForest was planted when we discovered our shared passion for using technology in socially responsible ways. The more we spoke and worked together, the more values we found to have in common, and eventually felt compelled to begin a venture of our own.

PixelForest was born from our desire to use our skills in ways that would create a meaningful impact to communities and organisations.  By providing web development, marketing, and SEO services across the Perth region, we aim to level the playing field and win mission-driven businesses the recognition they deserve.

james audcent


Having worked with more than 16 different profit and not-for-profit businesses in his time running his own digital marketing and web development agency, James brings with him a raft of both technical and managerial skills. Working with clients, James is incredibly patient and understanding, and won’t stop short of client satisfaction.

serena lin


Serena possesses a unique combination of business experience and technical skills. Along with studying Computer Science, Serena has worked in business development roles that have forged her entrepreneurial mindset. Central to her approach is close-knit relationships with customers, and she is a strong advocate of client-first solutions.


We believe that transparency fosters more intimate client relationships and builds trust. We won't ever use technical jargon to fool you, nor will we charge hidden fees.


Equality is essential for building an environment conducive to diversity. Diversity of experience means diversity of ideas - a critical ingredient for any creative business.


As digital marketers, we have the power to choose who deserves to be heard above the noise of the crowd. We support charities and not-for-profits doing good in the community.


We have witnessed the power of efficiency in transforming small businesses into well-oiled operations. We help businesses with solutions that make their lives easier.

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